Monday, June 27, 2011

Summertime livin'

As i have been reading my cohorts' blogs, I realize that they have stepped up their game when it comes to keeping the public hooked.  This is good.  One man once told me "everything is a competition".  So I thought I'd update everyone on my summer thus far.  First of all, I retired from the sport of long distance running.  This allows about an extra hour to hour and a half a day that I can spend doing other things.  To put that in perspective, that's two full days of my life that I've had spending my time doing other things than running. Intriguing.
Next... my current number of gophers that I have "tagged" in my vehicle this gopher season is three...One was really fat too.
As a random side note, I've always been fascinated with the idea of "dooring"  someone.  This is when you or your partner in crime (PIC) is driving a car and when you pass someone walking or riding a scooter and you hit them with your door.  I've been debating for years now whether or not it should be on my bucket list.
I cannot believe how fast summer goes.  This weekend is 4th of July.  Before you know it, all of the freshmen who think they're cool because they think they can long board(FWTTCBTTTCL) will soon be back in town.  These kids drive me bonkers.  Irregardless of if they can actually long board (the great majority cannot) they take over streets like they own the place.
If anyone is interested, I'm thinking of starting a 3OH3/Ke$ha mash-up tribute band.  I'm looking for a few talented, passionate individuals to come along side me for this journey.  I'm also opened to name suggestions.
Earlier this summer, I learned that My assistant coach Lyle Weese is very much a VHS guy and not so much into digital video disks.  Demand for a guy like him has decreased in the last decade and a half, but I can attest that when you need tracking adjusted when you're watching a movie that you taped of the tv (you can fast forward through commercials that way, pretty sweet), you'll be glad you know him.
I also have a sandal tan that's coming in nicely.

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